Impact Engine Private Equity invests in fund managers and operating companies that demonstrate a high potential to catalyze the impact investing ecosystem in the middle market and generate strong financial returns.

fund manager investments

We invest as a strategic limited partner in private equity funds with investment strategies focused on growth equity or control buyouts in middle market companies where value creation stems from revenue growth, operational improvements, professionalizing management, or accretive acquisitions.

Our fund manager commitments typically range from $5 million to $20 million.

We are Looking For: 

  • Emerging fund managers raising Fund I or Fund II with high degrees of impact intentionality

  • Established fund managers raising Fund III or beyond that are actively implementing impact initiatives at both the investment firm and portfolio company levels

  • Compelling and differentiated investment strategies to generate lasting positive outcomes in education, health, environmental sustainability, or economic empowerment

  • Experienced investment teams committed to generating financial and social returns

What we do not invest in:

  • Bespoke impact funds within investment firms without a firm-wide commitment to impact management

  • Venture capital funds 

Direct investments

We invest directly in operating companies where our experience, network, and resources as an impact investor can add value to a management team’s drive to scale profits while strengthening impact outcomes.  As a mission-driven investor, we actively engage with teams, boards, and other investors to prioritize impact management.

Our direct investments will typically range from $500k to $5 million.

We are Looking For: 

  • Companies with greater than $10 million in revenues

  • EBITDA-positive companies, or that have a clear, near-term path to profitability

  • Experienced management teams committed to generating financial and social returns

  • Co-investment opportunities alongside experienced lead investors

What we do not invest in:

  • Companies that are at the pre-commercialization stage

  • Companies with significant technology risk