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Many of our portfolio companies are growing rapidly and looking for passionate, talented applicants to join their teams. Below is a snippet of job postings currently available across our portfolio companies, which is updated on a monthly basis. Links to each portfolio company’s complete job board can be found near the bottom of this page.

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ReUp Education is seeking a skilled Digital Marketing Manager to run our acquisition and engagement efforts to drive student and university growth. By helping us execute, iterate, and innovate on our outreach strategies across channels, you’ll enable us to achieve our ambitious goal of re-enrolling and supporting millions of college students. 


We're looking for a personable, even-keeled, friendly problem solver who will lead our customers in sorting through their current home repair / maintenance issues, convert those needs into clear tasks for our Fixers and book appointments like it’s magic. Part sales, part operations, part customer service, you’ll be a key member of a team whose only goal is to delight our customers.



Full Harvest (ca)

We are looking for a Sr. Product Manager to take ownership of the roadmap, which will span projects that range from web, mobile, operations, sales, support, and finance. You’ll optimize the buyer and seller experience with farms and buyers to create a seamless experience and stay closely in tune with their needs and feedback.

Portfolio JOb boards


BookNook (Oakland, CA)

CancerIQ (chicago, IL)

CoInspect (San Francisco, CA)

ConsejoSano (North hollywood, CA)

Edovo (Chicago, IL)


Full Harvest (San Francisco, CA)

Kaizen Health (Chicago, IL)

Measurabl (SAN DIEGO, CA)

Pangea (chicago, IL)

Regroup (Chicago, IL)

ReUp Education (San Francisco, CA)

ThinkCERCA (Chicago, IL)

Workit Health (Ann arbor, MI)