• Each investment dollar has an impact on society; we should be intentional about making it positive.

  • Many important social challenges are also large market opportunities.

  • For-profit businesses can provide a capital-efficient means to scale social impact.

  • A strong community of entrepreneurs, operators, investors, and advisors is core to our success.


Impact Engine was launched in 2012 as an accelerator fund with the goal of identifying promising entrepreneurs starting businesses with the potential to drive both attractive financial returns and positive social impact. Impact Engine raised two subsequent accelerator funds in 2013 and 2014, all focused on investing in pre-seed stage companies. Across the three accelerator funds, Impact Engine invested in a portfolio of 23 companies.

In 2015, Impact Engine shifted its investment strategy and raised a $10 million venture fund, which invested in 22 companies. In 2018, we began operating as a public benefit corporation and investing from our second venture fund. We also launched a new product focused on supporting emerging impact private equity funds.

Investor community

Our investors include family offices, foundations, and individuals who believe in investing for both financial return as well as social impact. We are also committed to cultivating community among our investors. Our goal is to help our investors learn from each other and leading-edge impact investors who deploy capital across asset classes and geographies.